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White Wine – Rated from 1 to 9. Number 1 being the driest and Number 9 being the sweetest   

Red Wine – Rated from A to E. A being the lightest and  E being the most full-bodied

*** We have VEGAN White & Red wine available, please check for Vegan Label ***

House White Wine

1. Chardonnay, Linteo, Italy (2)

175ml Glass £3.95    75cl Bottle £13.95

Light silver colour. Apple and peach bouquet with a crisp and vivacious palate. A delightful wine on the finish.

2. Chenin Blanc, Long Tail, South Africa (2)

175ml Glass £3.95    75cl Bottle £13.95

A young Chenin with bright glittering colour, displays aromas of dry apricots. Vivacious with a good fruit finish.

White Wine

3. Château Fongrave, La Tourelle, Bordeaux, France (1) £15.00

Gleaming silver colour with a subtle bouquet of white apricots. Leaves the palate clean and crispy with plenty of fruit.

4. Chardonnay, Premium, Long Tail, Wellington, South Africa (2) £15.00

Gleaming silvery-gold colour. Delicious aromas of ripe apricots with a crispy dry sensation in the mouth.

5. Sauvignon Blanc, Premium, Bella Lucia, Chile (1) £15.25

Bright pale yellow with green highlights. Intense notes of citrus and green apples on the nose with a faint hint of grass. Very fresh and crisp on the palate. Light bodied with a very fresh finish.

6. Pinot Grigio, Casa al Fiume, DOC, Venezie, Italy (1) £15.95

Origin Montecchio Maggiore Vicenza has citrus freshness, the natural richness and depth. Vivacious and lingering with a dry tropical velvety finish.

7. Sauvignon, Tenuta Praducello, Villa Rubini, Friuli DOP, Italy (Vegan) £17.00

Silver gold colour. Aromas of elderflowers, a hint of tropical fruit with an enticing sensation of citrus peel.

Premium White Wine

8. Chablis, Domaine Passy le Clou, Burgundy, France £28.50

Wine Enthusiast ‘Club 90’ – 88 Points.

From the vines of the Serein river. Luminous gold aromas of quinces. A lemon and citrus core, expressive lychee, flinty with minerality on the finish.