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By Glass

Coca Cola – Small £2.00 Pint £3.50
Diet Coca Cola – Small £1.70 Pint £3.00
Lime Soda – Small £1.70 Pint £3.00
Lemonade – Small £1.70 Pint £3.00
Soda Lemonade Flavor Small £1.70 Pint £3.00

(Soda Lemonade Flavors : Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Raspberry Tea, Popcorn, Watermelon, Match Tea, Melon)

Bottle None Alcohol Drinks

OISHI Green Tea £3.00

ORIGINAL flavour 500ml (Thai)

Honey Lemon flavour 500ml (Thai)

Genmai flavour 500ml (Thai)

OKF Aloe Vera £2.50

ORIGINAL flavour 500ml (Korean)

KIMURA Ramnue £3.50

Strawberry flavour 200ml (Japanese)

Jinro Soju (Original) £7.50

ORIGINAL flavour 20.1% 350ml (Korean)

Jinro Soju (Strawberry) £7.00

Strawberry flavour 13% 360ml (Korean)

J2O Apple & Mango 275ml £2.50

J2O Orange & Passion Fruits 275ml £2.50

Still Water 500ml £1.50

Sparkling Water 500ml £1.50

Hot Drinks

Green Tea / Jasmine Tea £1.50

Ginger Tea / Lemongrass Tea £1.50

Coffee / Yorkshire Tea £1.50

Irish Coffee £4.50

Liquor Coffee £4.50

Hot Chocolate £1.50

Hot Water £1.00

Alcohol By Bottle

Singha Beer (Small) 330ml £3.50

Singha Beer (Large) 630ml £5.50

Chang Beer 330ml £3.50

Asahi Beer (Japanese Beer) 330ml £3.50

Kopparberg (Mixed Fruit or Strawberry & Lime) £5.50

Smirnoff Ice 275ml £3.00

Alcohol Shots & Mixure

Single Shot £2.50 / Double Shots £4.00

Single Shot with Mixer £4.00 / Double Shots with Mixer £5.00


Thai Sangsom Whisky

Jack Daniel Original Whisky

Famous Grouse

Red Label


Jameson Irish Whisky



Tia Maria


Malibu Original

Malibu Passion Fruits



Original Vodka

Strawberry Vodka

Watermelon Vodka


Original Gin

Mango & Papaya Gin

Cherry Gin

Other Spirits

Bacardi White Rum

Captain Morgan Dark Rum

Cognac (Brandi)



White Wine – Rated from 1 to 9. Number 1 being the driest and Number 9 being the sweetest   

Red Wine – Rated from A to E. A being the lightest and E being the most full-bodied

*** We have VEGAN White & Red wine available, please check for Vegan Label ***

House White Wine

1. Chardonnay, Linteo, Italy (2)

175ml Glass £3.95    75cl Bottle £13.95

Light silver colour. Apple and peach bouquet with a crisp and vivacious palate. A delightful wine on the finish.

2. Chenin Blanc, Long Tail, South Africa (2)

175ml Glass £3.95    75cl Bottle £13.95

A young Chenin with bright glittering colour, displays aromas of dry apricots. Vivacious with a good fruit finish.

White Wine

3. Château Fongrave, La Tourelle, Bordeaux, France (1) £15.00

Gleaming silver colour with a subtle bouquet of white apricots. Leaves the palate clean and crispy with plenty of fruit.

4. Chardonnay, Premium, Long Tail, Wellington, South Africa (2) £15.00

Gleaming silvery-gold colour. Delicious aromas of ripe apricots with a crispy dry sensation in the mouth.

5. Sauvignon Blanc, Premium, Bella Lucia, Chile (1) £15.25

Bright pale yellow with green highlights. Intense notes of citrus and green apples on the nose with a faint hint of grass. Very fresh and crisp on the palate. Light bodied with a very fresh finish.

6. Pinot Grigio, Casa al Fiume, DOC, Venezie, Italy (1) £15.95

Origin Montecchio Maggiore Vicenza has citrus freshness, the natural richness and depth. Vivacious and lingering with a dry tropical velvety finish.

7. Sauvignon, Tenuta Praducello, Villa Rubini, Friuli DOP, Italy (Vegan) £17.00

Silver gold colour. Aromas of elderflowers, a hint of tropical fruit with an enticing sensation of citrus peel.

Premium White Wine

8. Chablis, Domaine Passy le Clou, Burgundy, France £28.50

Wine Enthusiast ‘Club 90’ – 88 Points.

From the vines of the Serein river. Luminous gold aromas of quinces. A lemon and citrus core, expressive lychee, flinty with minerality on the finish.

House Red wine

10. Merlot, Linteo, Italy (B)

175Glassml £3.95    Bottle75cl £13.95

The dark ruby colour reveals a young fruity wine with a bouquet of raspberries. Medium bodied and fresh, it has a pleasing firmness to the fruitful palate.

Red wine

11. Cabernet Sauvignon, Terre des Fontaines, Vin d’Oc, France (B) £15.45

Bright vermillion red colour. Nose of red berries. Aromatic palate consisting of blackcurrant, long lively red fruit and vanilla, with a fine silky ending.

12. Shiraz Cabernet, Wildflower, McPherson Wines, Victoria, Australia (C) £15.90 

Crimson red, aromas of summer berries with juicy bramble fruit on the palate, beautiful lingering flavours.

13. Pinot Noir, Azienda Salvalai, Veneto, Italy (B) £16.45

Garnet red colour. Rich bouquet of blackberry. Fragrant taste of black cherries with a delicious clovey finish.

14. Malbec, Finca el Origen, Uco Valley, Argentina (C) £16.45

91 Points in the Ultimate Wine Challenge. Deep red-purple colour. Nose of red plum and Morello cherries combined with floral notes such as violets, hints of vanilla, chocolate and caramel. 

Velvety and silky structure with a sweet ripe finish.

15. Rioja Graciano, Biurko Gorri, Alavesa, Rioja, Spain (Organic) £17.60

Deep crimson purple-red colour. Sweet lush black fruits fusing with burnt nougat, liquorice and cloves, wrapped in a velvety texture.


Premium Red wine

16. Chateau Cardinal de Viaud, Lalande de Pomerol, Bordeaux, France. £28.50

Deep ruby red, black cherry aroma, condensed plums confit, liquorice on the palate. 

 The final is persistent and smooth


Rosé Wine

9. Zinfandel Rosé, Pelican Plot, California, USA (Medium) (3)

175ml Glass £3.95    75cl Bottle £17.00

Light raspberry colour. Aromas of fresh sweet peaches. Soft with intense red fruits and a delicious floral finish on the palate.

Sparkling Wine

17. Prosecco, DOC Treviso, Corte Giovanni, Bedin, Italy (2) £17.95

From the famous Bedin Treviso estate. This Veronese Prosecco exhibits the most exciting silver green colour with enticing aromas of brioche and white raspberries. Exquisite, fine mousse with a long elegant finish.

18. Michelle Sparkling Rosé, Muscat de Frontignan, Klawer Wine Cellars, Olifants River Valley, 

Western Cape, South Africa £19.95 

100% Muscat de Frontignan grape. Gleaming sparkling rose colour with a red hue. Fresh strawberry aromas. Silky taste of strawberries and raspberries with a sweet fruitiness and refreshing, moreish sparkles that delight the palate.


19. Champagne, Grande Réserve, Brut, Chaudron, France £40.00

60% Pinot Noir, 36% Chardonnay and 4% Pinot Meunier. Brut Grande Reserve is a very classical and traditional style of Chaudron Champagne. It is the ambassador of Chaudron Estate.

Clear gold colour with fine bubbles. Aromas of lemon and hazelnuts revealing apricots on the palate. Dry with smooth and velvety sensations.